Moh Hasbi Assidiqi

Moh. Hasbi Assidiqi

Assistant Professor / Lektor
Diploma of Multimedia Broadcasting Technology
Department of Creative Multimedia Technology
Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya

About Me

I’m a computer engineer that became passionate about web development and information system. I love to learn new things and share my knowledge with others.

In pursue of my passion, I’ve participating in many programming challenges including TopCoder. I’ve participating in various tech stack, including angular, react, and recently SolidJS. Open source fills my love of programming. Lots of great source code examples in the open source community that I can learn from.

I also love to program everything that I can which is now becoming a field called Robotic Process Automation. I’m also a tech enthusiast and love to learn about new technologies, including Kafka, Redis, and Grafana. I love software development from planning to deployment, and I’m also a big fan of DevOps. I’m also a big fan of transparent progress as encouraged by Agile and Scrum.

Currently, I’m studying at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. I’m pursuing Doctoral Degree in Computer Information System in Faculty of Computer and Information Technology.

Basically, I’m a tech enthusiast, programming lover, and competitive programmer passionate about building scalable solutions and teaching others. Let’s learn and code together!


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Journal papers

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